Further readings and filmograpy

According to our editorial focus, we are glad to suggest a few readings.They are not necessarily related to Ciarán himself but we think they are relevant for people who are not only "groupies" but really interested in all aspects of cinema and theatre. You are all invited to contribute.

Irish films

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Irish Theatre (a selection proposed by Dr. Andrea Grunert)

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Theatre (related to Ciarán Hind's work)

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Films dealing with the "Troubles" in Northern Ireland (a selection proposed by Dr. Andrea Grunert)

The Long Good Friday, UK, 1980, John Mackenzie
Traveller, IRL, 1981, Joe Comerford
Psy-Warriors, UK (BBC), 1981, Alan Clarke
Maeve, IRL, 1982, John Davies und Pat Murphy
Cal, Pat O'Connor, UK, 1984
Contact, UK (BBC Northern Ireland), 1985, Alan Clarke
A Prayer for the Dying, USA, 1987, Mike Hodges
Reefer and the Model, IRL, 1987, Joe Comerford
Elephant, UK (BBC Northern Ireland), 1989, Alan ClarkeHidden Agenda, UK, 1990, Ken Loach
The Investigation: Inside a Terrorist Bombing aka Who Bombed Birmingham?, UK (Granada Television), 1990, Mike Beckham
Shoot to Kill, UK (Yorkshire Television), 1990, Peter Kosminsky
Children of the North, UK (BBC), 1991, David Drury
So, You Think You've Got Troubles?, UK (BBC, sitcom, 6 episodes), 1991, Mike Holgate
Highboot Benny, IRL/Germany, 1992, Joe Comerford
You, Me and Marley, UK, 1992, Richard Spence
Force of Duty, UK (BBC & RTÉ), 1992, Pat O'Connor
The Crying Game, UK//JAP, 1992, Neil Jordan
Patriot Games, USA, 1992, Philip Noyce
In the Name of the Father, UK/IRL, 1993, Jim Sheridan
Love Lies Bleeding, UK (BBC Northern Ireland), 1993, Michael Winterbottom
Blown Away,USA, 1994, Stephen Hopkins
Breed of Heroes, UK (BBC Northern Ireland & BBC), 1994, Diarmuid Lawrence
Life after Life, UK (BBC Northern Ireland), 1995, Tim Fywell
Some Mother's Son, UK, 1996, Terry George
Nothing Personal, IRL/UK, 1995, Thaddeus O'Sullivan
The Precious Blood, UK (BBC Northern Ireland), 1996, John Woods
The Boxer, IRL/UK, 1997, Jim Sheridan
The Informant, IRL/USA, 1997, Jim McBride
The Jackal, USA/UK/F/GER/I, 1997, Michael Caton-Jones
Divorcing Jack, UK, 1998, David Caffrey
Ronin, USA, 1998, John Frankenheimer
Titanic Town, USA, 1998, Roger Michell
Resurrection Man, UK, 1998, Marc Evans
The Devil's Own, USA, 1997, Alan J. Pakula
This is the Sea, IRL/UK, 1997, Mary McGuckian
Sunday, UK/IRL, 2002, Charles McDougall
Bloody Sunday, IRL/UK, 2000, Paul Greengrass
H3, IRL, 2001, Les Blair
The Mapmaker, IRL/UK, 2001, Johnny Gogan
Silent Grace, UK/IRL, 2001, Maeve Murphy
As the Beast Sleeps, UK, 2002, Harry Bradbeer
Omagh, IRL, 2003, Pete Travis
Holy Cross, UK/IRL (television), 2003, Mark Brozel
Mickybo and Me, UK/IRL, 2004, Terry Loane
The Hunger Strike, UK/IRL (documentary), 2006, Margo Harkin
Bloody Sunday: A Derry Diary, UK/IRL (documentary), 2007, Margo Harkin
Hunger, UK, 2008, Steve McQueen

* This list does not include productions such as Michael Collins which address the Troubles in a highly significant but only indirect manner.