Love art in yourself, and not yourself in art.(Konstantin Stanislavski)

Why this website?

You're completely ciaranized!

Finding news and information about Ciarán Hinds' work and career isn't always easy. To provide the latest information both for his dedicated fans and for those who are just getting acquainted with Ciarán and his work, we put together this little corner of the Internet.

In the spirit of Ciarán's own words, "I'm not a celebrity, I'm an actor," we pay tribute first and foremost to Ciarán's fine work. Our editorial focus includes an expanded view on historical context, related information, and interesting details about the roles and works in which Ciarán has been involved. We hope this approach distinguishes our site from other fansites and casts an even more interesting light on Ciarán as an exceptional actor and individual.

Thank you to all the fans around the world for contributing photos, news, and other materials about this very special actor and his work.

Through this site and the Ciarán Hinds Yahoo board, we'll provide up-to-date, reliable, and genuine information about Ciarán's work and career. We invite you to be part of it with your thoughts, news, thrills, and whatever you'd like to share with likeminded spirits. You are all asked to contribute with alerts on interviews, projects, pictures and more over the board, since the inside group working for the site includes the board moderators.

There are more than 180 members on the Ciarán Hinds Yahoo board. This is your wake up call! A few fans are active right now, but we need the contribution from all of you. Participate and bring in your ideas, thoughts, needs, experiences... And you will be rewarded with a new horizon of activities, we already planned for you all!

So imperious when he's in Rome
so hateful when prime suspect in a hideous murder,
so sweet when getting hurt that we'd want to comfort him,
so romantic when there's a time for love,
we'll honour his talent, respect his privacy
and let his real self remain
a Sweet Little Mystery...

The Dream Team