Girl From The North Country by Conor McPherson


A community living on a knife-edge huddle together in the local guesthouse.

The owner, Nick, owes more money than he can ever repay, his wife Elizabeth is losing her mind, and their daughter Marianne is carrying a child no-one will account for.

And, when a preacher selling bibles and a boxer looking for a comeback show up in the middle of the night, things start to spiral beyond the point of no return...

Directed by Conor McPherson
Music by Bob Dylan
Orchestration by Simon Hale
Design by Rae Smith
Lighting by Mark Henderson

Nick Laine Ciarán Hinds Marianne Laine Sheila Atim
Dr Walker Ron Cook Mrs Burke Bronagh Gallagher
Elizabeth Laine Shirley Henderson Mr Perry Jim Norton
Katherine Draper Claudia Jolly Joe Scott Arinzé Kene
Nrs Neilsen Debbie Kurup Gene Laine Sam Reid
Elias Burke Jack Shalloo Mr Burke Stanley Towsend
Reverend Marlowe Michael Shaeffer Kirsty Malpass Ensemble
Ensemble Tom Peters Ensemble Karl Queensborough

Character: Nick Laine
Director: Conor McPherson
Company/theatre: Old Vic Theatre
Run: 2017-07-10 to 2017-10-07


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