The men on board HMS Terror have every expectation of finding the Northwest Passage. When the expedition's leader, Sir John Franklin, meets a terrible death, Captain Francis Crozier takes command and leads his surviving crewmen on a last, desperate attempt to flee south across the ice. But as another winter approaches, as scurvy and starvation grow more terrible, and as an unknown predator stalks them southward, Crozier and his men begin to fear there is no escape.

The 10 part series centers on the character of Captain Crozier, left in command after Sir John Franklin's death.

AMC's official synopsis for The Terror:

Inspired by a true story, The Terror, from executive producers Ridley Scott, David Kajganich and Soo Hugh, takes viewers on a harrowing journey. The story centers on the Royal Navy's perilous voyage into unchartered territory as the crew attempts to discover the Northwest Passage. Faced with treacherous conditions, limited resources, dwindling hope and fear of the unknown, the crew is pushed to the brink of extinction. Frozen, isolated and stuck at the end of the earth, The Terror highlights all that can go wrong when a group of men, desperate to survive, struggle not only with the elements, but with each other.

Character: Sir John Franklin
Co-stars: Jarred Harris, Tobias Menzies
Director: Edward Berger
Screenplay: David Kajganich
Run-time: 600 mn
Release date: 2018, March 26

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Defeat is definitely due for him, who has neglected to take the necessary precautions - bad luck we call it (Roald Amundsen)

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Had we lived, I should have had a tale to tell of the hardihood, endurance and courage of my companions (Robert Falcon Scott)We had seen God in His splendors, heard the text that Nature renders. We had reached the naked soul of man. (Ernest Shackleton)

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Right: Herbert Ponting working in Antarctic conditionsRight: HMS Endurance stranded in the ice by Frank HurleyRight: Icicles by Herbert PontingRight: Robert Falcon Scott by Herbert PontingRight: sonar image of HMS ErebusRight: The deck of HMS Endurance by Frank HurleyRight: trying to free HMS Endurance by Frank Hurley


Difficulties are just things to overcome, after all. (Ernest Shackleton)Superhuman effort isn't worth a damn unless it achieves results. (Ernest Shackleton)Through endurance we conquer.(Ernest Shackleton)To wait idly is the worst of conditions.(Robert Falcon Scott)We are very near the end, but have not and will not lose our good cheer. (Robert Falcon Scott)We took risks. We knew we took them. Things have come out against us. We have no cause for complaint.(Robert Falcon Scott)

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The poster compared to photos taken by Herbert Ponting during another doomed Britsh polar expedition

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