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One question a day: the Team celebrates its 10th anniversary

Ciarán has kindly agreed to answer the questions we have forwarded to him. We hope you will appreciate his honesty and humour as we did when we discovered his answers.

May he be thanked for his cooperation and laudatory comments.

Day 28

Filming in The Terror seems to have been inspired by iconic photographers of the past, Herbert Ponting who went with Scott to the Antarctic, and Frank Hurley, who, alongside Ernest Shackleton, lived the most incredible survival story of all time. Has this been discussed before or during filming?

I imagine our cinematographer would have engaged with this type of research and preparation for the shooting of The Terror - we had access to many images recorded of the period, through our costume and make-up departments and also read newspaper reports of the expedition.


The Terror just started

As a Professor Russell Potter writes in his blog: "We'll have to let go of our idealized version, for instance, of Franklin, and let Hinds's masterful performance of Sir John as an ambitious commander who throws caution to the winds, take its place..."

In spite of the presence of a monstruous predator, we must never forget that the real terror is what lies in the hearts of supposedly civilized men.

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Ciarán in Brian Friel's Translations this summer

From late May to August, Ciarán will be back at the National Theatre in London, in Translations, "a wonderful Irish play" by Brian Friel.

Set in 1833, when the British army conducts a map-making survey and renames places in a small Irish town to make them more accessible to the British public, Translations shows how colonizers establish their domination through the process of manipulating the means of communication, and destroying the language that is essential to the building of a culture.

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One small step...

 ignition sequence start ... 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0 ... All engines running. Liftoff! We have a liftoffCiarán stars as Robert R. Gilruth, the Director of the Manned Spacecraft Center, in a biopic of Neil Armstrong, the first man on the Moon, based on James R. Hansen's book First Man: the life of Neil Armstrong.

The part may not be a big one, but the character was at the center of things nearly every step of the way from the Sputnik launching in 1957 to the Moon landings that began in 1969.

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Ciaran HindsIf your intent is to destroy a culture, the first thing you do is take away that culture's language.

First Man

Ciaran HindsThe life of Neil Armstrong and the Apollo 11 mission that led him to the Moon.

The Terror

Ciaran HindsAfter Sir John Franklin's death, Captain Crozier leads his crewmen on a desperate attempt to escape the terror on the ice.

The Girl from the North Country

Ciaran Hinds A community living on a knife-edge huddle together in the local guesthouse.

Red Sparrow

Ciaran Hinds Russian spy Dominika Egorova is drafted to become a trained seductress, and is assigned to operate against a CIA officer.

Elizabeth Harvest

Ciaran HindsA story about obsession, betrayal and identity.

Justice League

Steppenwolf A superhero team faces a jack-of-all-evil-trades that can use his tools to counter their strengths.

Woman Walks Ahead

Ciaran HindsAn artist moves to Dakota in the 19th century and tries to help the Sioux chief Sitting Bull keep the land for his people.