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Wednesday 20 January 2021
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The Man in the Hat: the sweetest film of 2020

The Man in the Hat"This won't take too much of your time. And you don't need to be blown out of your seats; you can just be a human being and watch this little journey and feel things. It has its own heartbeat, unlike anything else," Ciarán says.

When the media are full of worrying news, Stephen Warbeck's The Man in the Hat is a refreshing change.

It will be released digitally on Monday, October 19.

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Ciarán cast in Kenneth Branagh's Belfast

At last, after the earth had stood still for almost six months, life starts again.

Ciarán will play the grandfather in Belfast, the semi-autobiographical film Kenneth Branagh is currently shooting in Northern Ireland and England.

Branagh described the film as a 'very personal movie about a place and people I love', adding that his parents were related to half of Belfast, and he went to school with the other half.

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Public event in France

From September 9 to 18, Peter Brook and Marie-Hélène Estienne, with their usual companions, including Hélène Patarot, will conduct a workshop about The Tempest, by William Shakespeare, with theatre students.

A the end of the two weeks, the result of their work will be offered to the public at the TNP (Villeurbanne, France), on September 17 and 18.

With Hayley Carmichael, Marcello Magni, Ery Nzaramba, Raphaël Chambouvet, Ciaran Hinds, Hélène Patarot.

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Uncle Vanya has opened

Ciaran Hinds in Uncle Vanya

Rehearsals have begun in November, with a lot of people whose names are familiar to Ciarán's theatre fans: Ian Rickson (director), Rae Smith (designer) and Stephen Warbeck (music).

In a recent interview for The Irish World, Ciarán discusses the play and his work with Conor McPherson, in whose plays he has often acted, and Ian Rickson who directed Brian Friel's Translations, in which he played a hedge school master.

Uncle Vanya is running at the Harold Pinter Theatre until 2 May.

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Latest projects


Ciaran Hinds A fictional Dublin family becomes embroiled in a gangland war.


Ciaran Hinds A very personal film about a boy's early years in late 1960s Belfast, surrounded by a large extended family.

Lollie's Earth Rod

Ciaran HindsLike it or not, Enda has to euthanize the infirm family dog...

Imaginary Fred

Ciaran HindsDid you know that sometimes, with a little electricity, or luck, or even magic, an imaginary friend might appear when you need one?

Quiet City

Ciaran Hinds A ghost lingers on the crime scene, parsing his own assassination.

Uncle Vanya

Ciaran Hinds Adaptation by Conor McPherson of Anton Chekhov's masterpiece.

Lost Lives

Ciaran Hinds Documentary that records the circumstances of every man, woman and child who died in a the Northern Irish 'Troubles.'