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My Mother and Other Strangers new BBC1 period drama.

Ciarán will have a small (?) part in the new five-part BBC drama series written by Barry Devlin that will begin Sunday 13th November, on BBC One, 9pm.

Set in Northern Ireland during World War Two, My Mother And Other Strangers follows the fortunes of a rural family, the Coynes, and their neighbours in the village of Moybeg on the shores of Lough Neagh in County Tyrone, as they struggle to maintain a normal life after a huge USAAF airfield lands in the middle of their rural parish in 1943.


Ciarán plays the villain in upcoming Justice League

The archvillainCiarán has been cast as Steppenwolf in the next DC Extended Universe superhero movie Justice League, alongside Ben Affleck.

Justice League is the big screen adaptation of DC Comics' iconic superhero team. Henry Cavill returns as Superman, joined by Ben Affleck as Batman, Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman and Ray Fisher as Cyborg.

Justice League is scheduled for a November 17th, 2017 release, with a sequel to follow on June 14th, 2019.


Caesar and Brutus reunited in hair-raising polar drama The Terror

Ciarán and Tobias Menzies will star alongside Jarred Harris in AMC's new series The Terror, based on a novel by science fiction and horror writer Dan Simmons. He will play real life character Sir John Franklin, who disappeared in the Arctic with the 129 members of his expedition.

The story takes place in 1847, when a Royal Navy expedition of two ships, HMS Terror and HMS Erebus, led by Sir John Franklin, is sent to the Arctic to study terrestrial magnetism, and navigate the Northwest Passage.

When Franklin dies, Captain Francis Crozier of HMS Terror takes command of the icebound crewmen, and they abandon ship in a desperate attempt to flee south across the ice, stalked by an unknown predator...

The series is set to premiere in 2017.


Ciarán in Susanna White's Woman Walks Ahead

Ciarán joins Jessica Chastain in Woman Walks Ahead, the story of Caroline Weldon, an artist and activist, who befriended Sitting Bull, and espoused the cause of the Lakota Sioux native people who tried to resist being dispossessed of their land.

According to the New Mexico Film Office, WWA is filming in Santa Fe, Albuquerque and Pecos, and will employ approximately 150 New Mexico crew members, 15 New Mexico principal actors and 1000 New Mexico background talent.

Release is expected in 2018.


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My Mother and Other Strangers

Ciaran Hinds A family struggle to maintain a normal life after a US Army Air Force base is set up in the middle of their rural parish.

Justice League

Steppenwolf A superhero team faces a jack-of-all-evil-trades that can use his tools to counter their strengths.

The Terror

Ciaran HindsAfter Sir John Franklin's death, Captain Crozier leads his crewmen on a desperate attempt to escape the terror on the ice.

Woman Walks Ahead

Ciaran HindsAn artist moves to Dakota in the 19th century and tries to help the Sioux chief Sitting Bull keep the land for his people.


Ciaran HindsThe ghosts of an actor's past return to threaten his life.

Love is a Sting

Ciaran Hinds A hyper-intelligent mosquito tries to communicate with a struggling children's book writer.

The Hope Rooms

Ciaran HindsThe story of an estranged father, and his son, who meet up after 15 years in a café in order to heal old wounds.

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